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Information Evolution was founded in 2007 by Matt Manning and Shyamali Ghosh, two publishing industry veterans each with over 20 years of experience in senior production management roles. From the start we set out to create the kind of company that we would have hired ourselves when we were working for publishing firms.

Both of us had bad experiences with outsourced resources and knew what we expected from these vendors: honesty; reliability; transparency; and competence. We used that as our baseline. On top of that, we both knew how difficult it was to outsource projects that required less than 50 resources because large business process outsourcing (BPO) firms simply weren’t interested in them. We wanted to serve those customers who had limited budgets, project unknowns because they were launching a new product, and ongoing needs for project support staff at a reasonable price.

So, we decided to apply our extensive experience in managing information projects in India to building our own proprietary operation in India that would have the same level of professionalism as a top-tier American firm. The result was Information Evolution and our customer’s testimonials speak volumes about how successful we were in achieving our vision for the company.

In addition to meeting the unmet needs of publishers and other information-driven firms, we also understand how quickly technology changes and how important it is to capitalize on the opportunities represented by emerging technologies. We analyze these technologies, assess industry best practices, and recommend to our customers how they can take advantage of change to remain competitive.