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DaaA: Data As An Afterthought

by Matt Manning No matter how many articles are written about the critical importance of data to the functioning of a modern enterprise, it remains a fact that keeping critical data up-to-date is only a reality for a handful of ... Read more

Innovation & Risk

by Matt Manning New product development for information services is a risky business. It takes deep customer insight, rigorous data analysis, management buy-in, and no small amount of gumption for a new information service to succeed. The variables involved in ... Read more

Divining Intent

by Matt Manning The intent to purchase has always been a critical piece of information to b-to-b marketers and the information services that serve them. Intent comes in many forms: Past purchases: The core of any direct marketing campaign is ... Read more

Party Like It’s 1999

by Matt Manning Some 18 years ago I spoke at the European Association of Directory Publishers conference. This was at the very height of irrational exuberance over online information services. The conference attendees were all very interested in transactional business ... Read more

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