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by Matt Manning Starting a new information service is hard. Customer expectations are sky high and they’ll pay top dollar only if the information is unique and timely and the software tools bundled with the information are top notch. That ... Read more

Embedded Rules

by Matt Manning IEI works with some of the world’s most successful company and executive information services. Our in-house research teams work on our customers’ projects via custom applications and we embed as many rules as we can into this ... Read more

The “Pre-mortem”

by Matt Manning Every project manager has conducted a “post-mortem” after their big product has launched or their information service redesign has rolled out to their customers. Nits are picked, fingers may be pointed and, on occasion, heads can roll. ... Read more

Goodbye Crowd, Hello AI Training

by Matt Manning The term “crowdsourcing” is not aging well. Maybe it was a bit too folksy to begin with or, more probably, its slow evolution caused it to seem passé before it ever even hit its stride. Whatever the ... Read more

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