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Join the Crowd!

Information Evolution is proud to be a part of the upcoming CrowdSourcingWeek Summit in Washington DC on June 15th. The one-day program will focus on the second wave of the crowd economy with domestic and international industry-leading professionals sharing how ... Read more

Fill In The Blanks

by Matt Manning When your company’s product is a database information service you are familiar with having “holes” in your offering. Must-have fields are populated 100% of the time, “need to have” fields are 95% complete, and there is a ... Read more

Powered by Partners

by Matt Manning It’s tax time once again and the recent advertisements by H&R Block touting their use of IBM’s Watson technology are reminding me of how important strategic customer-vendor relationships can be. H&R Block didn’t need to mention IBM ... Read more

Crowdsourcing Platforms

by Kevin Dodds Crowdsourcing platforms give users a suite of tools to administer crowdsourced projects and access an on-demand pool of cloud labor. Social media sentiment analysis, image metadata appending, and data gathering tasks are routinely crowdsourced. Up-front investments are ... Read more

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