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SIPA Round-Up

Back in 1986 I was fortunate to be exposed to a network of publishing professionals eager to share their knowledge with their fellow colleagues via what was then called The Newsletter Association. A few decades later this same group (now called the Specialized Information Providers Association) carries on this important legacy as a cooperative community of industry leaders.

This group gave me my first professional leadership opportunity by electing me the president of the New York chapter of the association and I can say without reservation that I would not have succeeded in this business without the help and inspiration of my fellow association members. It is extremely gratifying, therefore, to have rejoined the ranks of SIPA and to have sponsored their most recent annual conference. The program was an outstanding mix of current industry best practices in the areas of data analytics, app design, and a myriad of other areas and the robust attendance was a testament to the enduring value of this professional community.

It is also a welcome development to see the Software and Information Industry Association’s consolidation of SIPA, DataContent, and the Association of Business Media under their umbrella. For the first time content industry professionals are not Balkanized by their products’ business models, but united by their common concerns. Furthermore, the transformation of information products into what are essentially software products makes the consolidation all the more logical.

We wish SIPA the best in their industry-leading role and look forward to supporting the bright future of SIIA’s content division.

posted by Shyamali Ghosh on June 13, 2013

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