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SIIA INFO Local: Data, Content, and Information Services

The first SIIA INFO Local Meetup took place at Scholz Garten on April 30, 2014. A crowd from diverse information-interested companies came together for an evening of networking and discussing data, social, content, and content marketing. Attendees included representatives from The Daily Dot, Vital Interaction, Leadspace, Planview, Builder Homesite, Do512, Cubit, Dell, and Enlyton. We at IEI enjoyed sponsoring this event and having the opportunity to meet so many new, interesting people from the local content industry.

Some highlights from the evening:

IEI’s Matt Manning chatting with marketing consultant Madhi Jaber.

Sharing a joke.

IEI partner Enlyton’s Chris McKinzie.

We’re looking forward to the next SIIA INFO Local: Austin this June!

posted by Shyamali Ghosh on May 1, 2014

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