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Social Monitoring

Information Evolution offers social monitoring services to help its customers manage and monitor the effectiveness of their social media initiatives without the need for extensive investments in technology or human resources. We use data extraction technology from Polygraph Media to perform thorough real-time analyses of the posts on our customers’ Facebook presences and we deploy dedicated teams in India to append metadata to those posts. This approach allows quick, pinpoint accurate, and cost-effective analysis of social media activity.

Media firms are under a great deal of pressure to show a demonstrable return on investment for their substantial social media investments. Polygraph Media is the leading provider of solutions that collect and analyze data from social networks and their proprietary data mining technology is a powerful and cost-effective tool for those managing social media properties. Among other things Polygraph’s software analyzes Facebook “like” and “fan” data to provide insight into the effectiveness of social media content strategies.

IEI’s dedicated social media teams in India use Polygraph’s technology to categorize and append sentiment metadata to posts. The dedicated monitoring teams can also be used to enforce compliance with Terms of Service agreements. They work overnight and deliver reports to customers every morning thus allowing immediate access to data as it is trending. Polygraph’s technology and IEI’s teams thus provide an ideal way for companies to manage their social media as they reduce the resources needed to process the rapidly expanding amount of Web information generated by social media.

IEI’s strategic relationship with Polygraph is one of several partnerships it has with cutting-edge data extraction technology providers. Other IEI data extraction technology partners include Connotate (New Brunswick, New Jersey) for web data extraction and Stelae (Paris, France) for PDF-to-XML data extraction.

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