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Managed Crowdsourcing

Some tasks that can’t be accomplished through data harvesting–typically a faster, cheaper method of gathering data–are best handled through managed crowdsourcing. Such projects must be divisible into simple, quick tasks that can be completed via Internet research and have only one correct answer. These projects must be broken down into individual tasks, such as verification or appends, but do not run concurrently. Certain individual tasks need to run in sequence, for example, first getting a missing piece of data and then submitting that found data to an online database. Managed crowdsourcing can drastically decrease data processing turn-around times and costs more than traditional in-house or even outsourced resources.

aws_rightspace_evenmoreIEI is an Amazon Web Services Standard Consulting Partner. We use the Amazon Mechanical Turk workforce of 500K+ independent researchers (“turkers”) and create specific, well-defined processes to manage crowdsourcing projects and ensure timely, accurate results. We consult with the client on the tasks to be handled to ensure mutual agreement on tactics and goals. Then, initial testing work is undertaken, an instructional movie is recorded for the turkers, and the project is posted. Results go through a vetting process to identify quality resources and the project is submitted. Finally, the results are delivered to the customer.

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