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Information Evolution is an authorized reseller of several cutting edge technology solutions developed by some of the world’s most innovative firms.

IEI is an Amazon Web Services Standard Consulting Partner.

Asterisk Group (Austin, Texas): The corporate identity specialist for new information products.

crmOrbit (Chennai, Tamil Nadu): Salesforce CRM deployment experts and architects of real-time content updating solutions for publishers licensing their data to customers with Salesforce CRM systems.

Close Reach Communications (Austin, Texas): Developers of the innovative AttendeeTouch mobile conference guide solution.

Connotate (New Brunswick, New Jersey): Authors of the award-winning Agent Community site monitoring and data extraction application.

Datafiniti (Austin, Texas): Web crawling that does accurate searching for highly specific product specifications, ratings, and reviews.

DesignCode (Austin, Texas): Web, mobile and software design and development, and more.

Enlyton (Austin, Texas): Enterprise search tool that uses mathematical indexing to match search terms against data sets.

ICE (Cochin, Kerala): Customized PDF plug-ins, workflow management tools, and more.

The Infocommerce Group (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania): The database publishing industry’s premier information provider.

KonnectSoft (London, United Kingdom): The premier solutions provider for text-rich online products and CD-ROMs.

Polygraph Media (Austin, Texas): Social data mining and analytics.

WorkFusion (New York, New York): Developer of the ultimate crowdsourcing management platform.