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Our Creed


We’re a US “C” Corporation, not a fly-by-night small Indian vendor that treats contracts as optional project guidelines or a BPO behemoth that is too big to work on the exciting, cutting edge projects being undertaken by emerging entrepreneurial firms.


We are committed to observing the highest possible business standards. We don’t lie to our customers. We pay our employees well and on time. When we make a promise, we deliver. This may all sound self-evident, but few firms actually live up to these standards.


Our experience in having built production operations from the ground up, directing large-scale custom software development projects, and supervising large and diverse teams to produce high-quality content ensures that our customers get the end-product they desire. We have re-engineered existing processes to reduce costs and increase quality, forged strategic relationships with best-of-breed software, infrastructure, and KPO firms, and allowed our clients to introduce robust new products and services on schedule and on budget.


Some vendors are tied to particular software tools that may or may not be appropriate for your particular situation. We, however, are platform-neutral and never recommend using tools that are not ideally suited to the tasks at hand. In fact, almost every one of our projects involves using tools that were custom-built or customized to our client’s needs so we train our resources to use our client’s tools and not vice versa.

Reasonable Pricing

Our location in the regional South Indian commercial hub of Coimbatore gives us a competitive price advantage over other Indian vendors based in major metropolitan areas like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, where costs are substantially higher.


We would not be in business without our customers and our employees so we treat both with respect. Our customers’ data is the core of their businesses so it is managed with the utmost care. We also pick our team members carefully, train them thoroughly, and pay them well. The difference is clearly visible in the quality of our output. Other BPOs may garnish their employees’ wages, pay them irregularly, force them to work unfair schedules, and otherwise treat them as disposable tools. We don’t do that.


We’re comfortable with information of all types (text, data, images, audio) and are domain experts in a wide range of tasks related to managing information.


What you see is what you get. We don’t sweep problems under the carpet and dedicated teams work directly with our clients’ staffs to ensure that issues are identified and resolved as quickly as possible.